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Sunday, July 28






Monday, July 29


Soccer Practice or Hebrew School? Help!! Virtual Classrooms Increasing a Sense of Community Performing Arts Building 131Heidi Lovitz • Michele Rosenfield Teaching During the “New Normal” of Fear Gray Campus Center BBarry Cohen A Chat with Author Eric A. Kimmel Vollum LoungeEric Kimmel Play is the Work of Childhood Eliot 126Deborah Goldstein Back to the Garden: The Ecological Language of the Song of Songs Eliot 123Ellen Bernstein A Fun Way to Teach Decoding Skills and the Simple Acquisition of Words Performing Arts Building 130Marilyn Arsham The Cholera Wedding: East European Jews’ Magical Ritual to End an Epidemic Vollum 134Natan Meir Confronting Israel’s Complexity in the Jewish Classroom Vollum 110Terry Kaye Shir Chadash — A New Song Winch Meeting RoomSusan Shane-Linder Jews in Musicals Vollum 116Stu Lewis Turn It & Turn It: A Musical Conversation with Challenging Biblical Personalities Vollum 234Ilan Speizer Making Services Spiritual: Crafting Prayer for Adults Student UnionEliana Light Using Mussar in Your Classroom Vollum 126Rivy Poupko Kletenik Being the Alpha Eliot 216Abi Taylor-Abt Tips and Tricks for Young Jewish Educators Vollum 228Sarah Klein Lenses of Questioning Part 1: Good Questions Are the Answer Vollum 120Batsheva Frankel A Wizard's Bag of Tricks for Teachers Performing Arts Building 332Deborah Salomon JSTEAM Pedagogy: Bringing the Culture of Technology to our Teaching Vollum 118Carina Rock Even More Approaches to B-Mitzvah Gray Campus Center DGoldie Milgram Using Psychoanalysis to Discuss Jacob with Young Adults Eliot 103Moshe Rachmuth



Jewish Experiential Learning Vollum 118Sharona Hassan Real Family Education: When Parents are THE Teachers Gray Campus Center BDeborah Eisenbach-Budner Using ShalomLearning’s Values Curriculum (ShalomLearning Educators Only) Performing Arts Building 131Heidi Lovitz • Michele Rosenfield How to Engage Your Curriculum with the World Through the Arts Eliot 123Shoshana Gugenheim Kedem To Walk in His Ways: Jewish Attachment Based Education Vollum 110Esther Amster #OnwardHebrew: Join the conversation Vollum 126Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz Holiday Programming to Leave Your Students Breathless and Sweaty (and Knowledgeable)! Eliot 126Melissa Pescatore A Yom HaShoah Commemoration Ritual Eliot 103Deborah Fripp Re-Moving Those Stumbling Blocks Takes More Than Vision Vollum 134Michal Morris Kamil The Israeli-Palestinian Conversation: The WHY and the HOW Vollum 228Joyce Schriebman • Yehezkel Landau Israel Everyday Vollum 116Andrea Shapiro Bring Bubbe Back Performing Arts Building 130Heather Klein Music for Thriving: An Immersive Musical Experience Winch Meeting RoomNaomi Less Sha'ul The Requested One: Choosing Israel's First King Performing Arts Building 332Everett Fox Laughter Yoga Class! Student UnionJulie Plaut Warwick Meditation and Guided Meditation in the Classroom Gray Campus Center DGuy Greene Award-winning Books & More: Library Resources for Jewish Educators Vollum 234Patricia Givens Lenses of Questioning Part 2: Lenses, Tech, and Tools Vollum 120Batsheva Frankel Yes — My Students Have Their Cell Phones Out During Class! Eliot 216Michelle Geft The Birds and the Bees — Jewish Views of Sex and Consent for the #metoo Era Vollum LoungeLillian Kowalski • Cady Phillips


Google Tools in the Jewish Classroom: Creativity, Collaboration, and Community Performing Arts Building 131Heidi Lovitz • Michele Rosenfield • Debi Himelfarb Judaism Beyond G-d: Secular Humanistic Judaism, What Are You? Vollum 228Heather Gale What Will Happen to the Center in American Jewish Life? Performing Arts Building 130David Starr The Ever Shrinking School: How to Create Big Impact with Small Numbers Vollum 234Kate Cykman Jewish Impressions: Printmaking Vollum 134Aubri Doughty Sing it! Say it! Stamp it! Say it! Vollum LoungeEllen Allard Environmental Mitzvot in the Torah Eliot 216Josh Lake Ivrit Israelit Presents: Learning Hebrew Through Games Winch Meeting RoomMaya Varon • Mor Yelvington • Etti Segal Holocaust Studies in the Supplementary School Setting Vollum 116Ilona Shechter Creating an Education Environment that Works for LGBTQ Kids (and Everyone Else) Eliot 126Mel Berwin Countering BDS — What Works and What Doesn't Eliot 103Joyce Schriebman • Yehezkel Landau Guitar Master Class Gray Campus Center DLarry Milder Games, Stories, and Song: Creating Moments of Meaning in Jewish Prayer Student UnionEliana Light How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gap Year: Stories from the Front Lines of Judaism and Social Justice Eliot 123Adinah Miller Finding Their Voices in Torah Performing Arts Building 332Batya Podos The Persistence of Hate: Exploring Contemporary Antisemitism Vollum 126Staci Rosenthal Why Parents Choose Soccer Over Sunday School — How Religious Education Lost its Way, and the Path Back Vollum 120Benjamin Gorelick Stonework Play: Inspiring Creativity and Storytelling Through Nature and the Jewish Lens Vollum 110Paula Hoffman Baraysheet: Waterworld or Desertland?? Vollum 118Ruz Gulko



Tuesday, July 30



Bringing Passover to the 21st Century in Early Childhood Education Eliot 216Paula Hoffman Be the Egg Eliot 103Seth Goldstein Family Programming for Pesach: Long-Term Planning for Holidays Performing Arts Building 332Cherie Koller-Fox How to Be or Not to Be, That is the Question! Vollum 126Bracha Lieberman PBL and Pesach Vollum 134Batsheva Frankel Freedom of Creative Expression: Using Art to Explore a Passover Theme Vollum 116Esther Amster Pesach: Haggadah is "The Telling!" Vollum 120Cherie Karo Schwartz Tableside Storytelling: A New Structure for the Passover Haggadah Vollum 234David Feder Whose Matzoh Is It Anyway?: Improv Games for a Fun and Memorable Seder Vollum LoungeBrianna Sayres Edible Judaism: Explore Pesach (and More!) Through the Flora of the Torah Vollum 118Bill Kaplan Passover's Ecological Roots Eliot 126Ellen Bernstein How is this Haggadah the Same as All Other Haggadot…and Why? Vollum 228Barbara Rheingold-Gerlicki Singin’ Your Way to Freedom — Pesach Student UnionSusan Shane-Linder Sephardi and Mizrachi Seder Customs and Music Eliot 123Neil Schwartz • David Schwartz Liberate Your Plate: Passover as a Launchpad for Ethical Food Choices Gray Campus Center BMelissa Hoffman Tween-and Teen- Worthy Pesach Games Winch Meeting RoomHeidi Aycock Protest Signs at the Seder: Empowering Teens to Bring their Social Justice Agendas to the (Seder) Table Performing Arts Building 131Adinah Miller Haggadah, Humash, and History: “Tell Your Child on that Day” Vollum 110Jonathan Wolf Passover in the Torah Gray Campus Center DPaul Solyn



The Only One Who Really Likes Change is the Consultant… How Do Jewish Educational Leaders Lead Change? Gray Campus Center BSam Joseph Compassion in Action — Hebrew School Style Winch Meeting RoomSarah Rohr Hiddur Mitzvah and the B'nei Mitzvah Performing Arts Building 130Shoshana Gugenheim Kedem Use Your Words: Identifying Emotional Growth in the ECE Classroom Vollum 228Deborah Goldstein The Living Classroom: Creating a Teachable Green Space Eliot 103Ramona Brand History as an Open Book: The American Jewish Experience through Museum Objects and Havruta Study Vollum 118Ronit Lusky Jewish Rhythm - the Holiday Cycle Vollum 116Amy Ripps Confronting Bias and Blindspots in the Classroom Eliot 216Staci Rosenthal New Directions in Teaching Israeli Culture and History Vollum 120Nina Spiegel Song Writing Student UnionYakira Yedidia • Aaron Yedidia Turn It On, Beam It Out Performing Arts Building 332Justin Jude Carroll Songs About G!D: Music to Start the Conversation Vollum 126Eliana Light In the Potter’s Studio: A Pot and a Poem Eliot 126Rivy Poupko Kletenik Spirituality in the Classroom Eliot 123Batya Podos How to Enhance Your Confirmation Year Gray Campus Center DGuy Greene Uppity Women of the Torah: The True Story of Our Mothers Vollum 134Ruz Gulko Immersive Education: How Experiential Learning Creates Long Lasting Impact Vollum 110Kate Cykman • Aubri Doughty #OnwardHebrew: “I’m On-The-Way!” Performing Arts Building 131Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz Ji Tap Gameathon Vollum LoungeMichelle Geft • Carina Rock


Wednesday, July 31